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Amsterdam is the capital city of and the most populous within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.Amsterdam's name derives from Amstelredamme, indicative of the city's origin as a dam of the river Amstel. Originating as a small fishing village in the late 12th century, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age (17th century), a result of its innovative developments in trade.Amsterdam is located in the western Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. The river Amstel terminates in the city centre and connects to a large number of canals that eventually terminate in the IJ. Amsterdam is situated 2 metres below sea level.

Read more at : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amsterdam

Amsterdam Oct 2, 1896, on Postage Stamp with Queen Wilhelmina, in StampSet Stampset.png
AMSTERDAM Mass cancellation on 31 JAN 1907 on Charity Stamps Anti-Tuberculosis Stampset.png
Amsterdam CS Centraal Station, 1938
Arrival Mark Amsterdam CS Centraal Station, 1952
Postmark , as used by the "Filatelieloket" (=philatelic counter in the post office). The illustration in the cancel shows the former Head Post Office of Amsterdam.
AMSTERDAM, Business Point Kerkstraat, Jan 2009
Amsterdam, Business Point Fred Roeskerstraat, no date!
AMSTERDAM, Business Point Amsterdam Zuid-Oost Hoogoorddreef, Jun 2009

Covers and Cards[edit]

The Germany-based Schaefer's Circus Lilliputs (The Gullivers) was allowed to cancel letters and postcards in their Fairy Tale Town Post Office in Amsterdam during their visit and performance with a specially designed postmark on March 11, 1937. The cards and letters were handled normally by the Dutch postal services.
This is an example of the Schaefer cards.
First stamped Letter card of the Netherlands, model 1871, privately overprinted with "Binnenlandsche Vaart - Risico-Societeit" (a company name), sent by train from Hoogeveen to Amsterdam. The card was offered at Hoogeveen Station to the post office in the train on the traject Groningen/Meppel on 24 OCT 1872. The Hoogeveen postmark is a typical train cancel. Also the cancel with "Meppel-Gron." has been set at the train office. The card arrived in Amsterdam on 25 OCT 1872. Note: the mark B3 is from the postman who delivered the card at the destination. Collection of Jan Boon.
Letter card, model 1871, sent from Amsterdam in the afternoon of Aug 20,1972, between 1200 and 1600 hrs (12M-4A), to Zaandam, where it arrived on Aug 20, 1972, between 4 and 8 hrs (4A - 8A). A postage stamp was not used. This is an error, caused by confusion of the postal authorities. Extra info on the first Dutch letter cards from 1871. On january 1, 1871, two types of letter cards were introduced in the Netherlands. One with a pre-paid stamp of 2.5 cents, meant for inland use. Another one with no value indication, meant for post to foreign countries. Both forms had an extensive footnote ("NOTA") on how to use the card. Later versions: In 1872/1874 the same letter cards were issued without the footnote. From the collection of Jan Boon.
Dutch stamped letter card, model 1871, sent April 2, 1871, from RHENEN (only name stamp in red color) via train on traject Amsterdam-Emmerik to Amsterdam. The coded postal obliterator 136 (stands for RHENEN) was also applied in the travelling post office (TPO), this was against postal regulations though. The card arrived in Amsterdam the same day between 4 and 8 hrs in the afternoon: arrival stamp April 2, 1871. The postman delivering the card put the postmark A.24 in oval. (Courtesy of Jan Boon).
1905 London to Amsterdam
1960 First scheduled KLM flight from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). Started at Central Station Amsterdam on April 25, Schiphol stamp on April 26 and Arrival stamp on Jeddah at April 27.

Slogan Cancels[edit]

AMSTERDAM, Slogan: "Post your letters as soon as they are ready"
AMSTERDAM, Postage stamp with Queen Beatrix, cancelled with slogan: "Dutch postage stamps, you can also collect them!

Meter cancels[edit]

Amsterdam (NL) mc23.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc24.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc25.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc28.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc1.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc2.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc3.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc4.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc5.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc6.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc7.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc8.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc9.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc10.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc11.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc12.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc13.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc14.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc15.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc16.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc17.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc18.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc19.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc20.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc21.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc22.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc26.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc27.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc29.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc30.jpg
Amsterdam (NL) mc31.jpg
MS AMSTERDAM-C.S., Picture postcard with continuous roller cancellation, type pigeon, sent from Amsterdam-C.S. (= Amsterdam Central Station) to Amersfoort. Sent 19-X-1934. Cancel is very rare (1933-1938?). Compare this cancellation with the one of Zeist (NL), same design but differently practiced.
Registered labels from 3 different post offices in Amsterdam
AMSTERDAM-EMMERIK II. Emmerich lies 110km SE of Amsterdam, and 30km SE of Arnhem. Cancelled in 1909.
Letter card, sent from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Berlin (Germany). Departed by train on March 19, 1888 from Amsterdam to Emmerik. Scheduled route VII. Emmerik is on the border between Netherlands and Germany. The other mark is probably an arrival stamp (20/3) from German Post. The letter card is from 1886 (two languages) with portrait of King Willem III. (Courtesy of Don Dominique Mela.)
Letter card sent from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) to Wald bei Solingen (Germany). Printed stamp and additional stamp were cancelled by railway cancel Amsterdam-Emmerik, scheduled route VI, on 12 OCT 1882. Courtesy of Sten Eriksson.
Reverse of letter card Amsterdam-Wald, showing the impressed seal of the company J.G.van Tertholen, Amsterdam.